Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sinkin' The Gator

We have had a lot of rain around here, and every bottom turned into a swamp.
We had a couple dogs doing circles in the deep part of the swamp, which meant some of the boys had to hike in and a couple rode in on 4 wheelers to get the dogs, and drag a few deer out.
One of the boys went over to the barn and got the John Deere Gator and was doing pretty good through the thick stuff, but then he found spring.

Before any of the wheelers got back, they decided to use a come-a-long a winch him out

Did not do much good, wound up having to use the winch on my Kawasaki Bear Tracker, and the snatch strap on a Honda Foreman.
We got him out.
After that, and all the deer were skinned, we all went down to the Turkey Shoot at Potomac Hunt Club

My son Bobby won a meat round

My brother Karl won a couple meat rounds and some money rounds.
Just so you know, you get some people shooting at a target with equal guns, and equal loads, at the same distance, and the one with the pellet closest to the mark, or the most pellets to the mark wins the round.
The money goes for a good cause, and it's a chance to get together with some good guys and just have some fun
We use an old Belgium made Browning 12 Ga, and have a Remington 870 to shoot with.
I did see a few Thompson's, Ithaca's, and even a Mossberg that gave a few good shots