Thursday, September 18, 2008

On The Pier Today

The pier at the beach was a little dead today when my brother and I went out to catch some fish. The wind was blowing and the water was rough, but it was worth it to be out of the house for a little while.

It was about 75 degrees, and sunny, so you could not ask for more than that. We fished the bottom with Carolina rigs and bloodworm's, and because of the rough water, we had to use 1oz and 3 oz weights.

We pulled a few spot and croakers, but the surprise of the day for me, was the rock fish I pulled in. In this area, you don't expect to see rock fish come back in until around mid October. I have seen them in September before, but they were in the 15 lbs range. When the late season gets going, they run 25 lbs and up.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tree Stand Spots

He's out there
So is she, and I have been watching for months where they go and where they hang out
I have been watching the woods, and the soybean field to find where they travel the most

I have found all the openings they use to get in and out of the field

I know where the rub lines are, and know from these that there are several bucks that travel from the pines and into the field to eat. They are starting to establish some territory.

I found some deep tracks that tell me there are some heavy deer in here. The ground is fairly dry, and the deeper the track, the heavier the buck

My brother checks in here from time to time to see what I am up to, This pic is for him. I took it on the path that he wants to set up his tree stand. Karl and his friend will start hunting here first with compound bows. After that, black powder season comes in. The last mud bog of the season is coming up, and I am sure that when it is done, I will see him and the guy's every weekend

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hannah Stoped By

Hannah came through my area this weekend. As usual, when some kind of storm is heading our way, everyone stocks up on milk and bread and toilet paper. We saw the clouds and felt the wind Friday evening
All morning we waited for the worst, but just had some light rain and wind. I rode out to the beach and saw where the water was up a little.
The worst of it dropped down on us at around 2:00 pm on Saturday
Some of the private piers were underwater, and the road that follows Monroe Bay was flooded.
During the worst of it, we drove out to the boardwalk. We watched it sway, and tried to stand on the beach to feel the force of the wind. Luckily we were not hit bad. Let's all hope Florida makes it through the one heading to them

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Growing Pains

It's that time again, school has started today where I live, and and the air is full of the smells of new school clothes, backpacks, and bus exhaust. The sounds of the kids yelling about where their new shoes are, the bus rounding the corner, the squeaks of the springs and brakes, and then the worst sound of all. The sound of mommy sniffling, and her voice cracking as she says " be careful baby, Mommy will be here when you get back " Our 5 year old started kindergarten today, and this marks his first journey into the outside world. As a dad with 2 older boy's, I have been there before, but it never gets any easier to let them go. It only took a few minutes to console mom, and little brother who was left at home all alone, but they bounced back, and went on with their day. Mommy did return to the bus stop 15 minutes early for his return home, and teared up when the bus rounded the corner 10 minutes late. After a few hugs, and a ride back down our long dirt driveway, life returned to normal. Thank God for kid's, I wouldn't miss a minute of them.