Monday, November 23, 2009

Hondo And The 9 Point

At the hunt club last weekend, one of the guys got a nice 9 point buck.
I was on the other side of the swamp picking up dogs, so I did not get a shot of the deer on the ground when he shot it
By the time I made it to the skinnin shed, Hondo and Garnet were almost done with it. My son Jesse wanted to get in there and help

The proud hunter. We are gonna hear about this for the rest of the season

It was a tall rack, and wide, but did not seem as full as it could have been.
Either way, I would have been happy to have it on my tailgate

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Deer Season Begins

Our First day of deer season here was rain rain rain
I did prepare, and got in a blind early in the morning near some thick pines hoping to catch something coming in from the bean fields.
No luck.
Our dogs got a few hits, but the runs were short lived, and as I switched channels on the radio to listen in on the other clubs in the area, it seemed that they were not having much luck either.
After lunch, we did a drive in a thick, pine piece bordered by a beaver pond and bean fields.
The guys got around at different spots and the beagles went in.
Sure enough, as soon as they got in, they hit it hot, and we put a few on the ground.
I think I am getting old because I did not even take my 50 cal. or my 12 gauge out of the truck all day, I just enjoy listening to the dogs run