Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ford Ranger Run

I did not get to see all the runs my Brother made at the Fredericksburg Fair, but they did post this run.

From what I was told, he had broke his shifter cable, and had to make the run in third gear, low lock.

Still not a bad run considering he could not turn the motor up in the first two gears.

He has it back in the shop this week, removing the steering linkage, and making it a complete hydraulic steering set up. He explained to me that he can save some weight, and make the front wheels easier to turn in the pit.

I am hoping to stop in for a look and some pics later in the week

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Little Brothers Ford Ranger

I wanted to post a pic of my brothers Ford Ranger
A 460 powered toy he works on.
He took it to a mud bog up in Smiley Rock, that's near Orange Va, and had some tranny problems, but a new one will be ready on Friday afternoon.
That means an all nighter for him and a couple of his friends to get it back in, hook everything back up, and make a few test runs in the back field because he is racing Saturday morning at the Fredericksburg Fair.
Here is a clip from one of the guy's cell phone that was saved, I will use it as a before, and make the next post an after.............