Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More Of The Ford Ranger

My brother sent me the link to the vids of his run last weekend.

He finally got his hydraulic steering done, so he was pumped up.

From what he explained to me, the pit had a sharp drop in the beginning and was rutted to the left. The staff had set up the run so that the larger tire class would run first because the hole was so sloppy.

The top vid he was proud of, everything worked out great, and he seems to be having a lot better luck mechanically, until .........

It seems he broke an axle shaft at the start, and got twisted up in the hole.

He had a blast, he says his wheel speed is around 70 mph at the line, so now he is going to swap the gears, front and back, and get the wheel speed up to around 130 at the line.

He is running a 3500 rpm stall converter, and says he has his rev limiter at 8000. Thanks to the MSD box.

He did have a company approach him about using their high octane fuel, was going to sponsor him, send some stickers for advertising, and around 30 gallons of fuel, but we have not seen it yet.

He does use a K&N air filter set up with a foam ring that he washes with oil. he has a few of the rings that he changes between runs and cleans them when they get back to the shop. The parts store that sells him the rings and the cleaning oil said they would give him a discount if he put their sticker on his Ranger, so he has it on the back.

I think I am going to get pictures of the sponsor stickers on his Ranger and post them here to help them out.

Here is a vid of Lil' little Paul in his Ford Bronco

I hope I can get out of this chair soon and see him in person