Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Growing Pains

It's that time again, school has started today where I live, and and the air is full of the smells of new school clothes, backpacks, and bus exhaust. The sounds of the kids yelling about where their new shoes are, the bus rounding the corner, the squeaks of the springs and brakes, and then the worst sound of all. The sound of mommy sniffling, and her voice cracking as she says " be careful baby, Mommy will be here when you get back " Our 5 year old started kindergarten today, and this marks his first journey into the outside world. As a dad with 2 older boy's, I have been there before, but it never gets any easier to let them go. It only took a few minutes to console mom, and little brother who was left at home all alone, but they bounced back, and went on with their day. Mommy did return to the bus stop 15 minutes early for his return home, and teared up when the bus rounded the corner 10 minutes late. After a few hugs, and a ride back down our long dirt driveway, life returned to normal. Thank God for kid's, I wouldn't miss a minute of them.


Footyman said...

Yes thank GOD for kids, it is definitely a love-hate relationship! hahaha

By the way, where do you live? It looks like a great place for children to have fun!

lot 2 learn said...

We live in Virginia, in the Northern Neck area

Betty said...

We get to walk or drive our kid to school due to being so close, if she had to ride the bus I think it would be a lot harder on me. That's so much less control.