Thursday, January 8, 2009

More Deer Season Pics

Here is a couple of the beagles after a drive. Only 2 here because the dogs got split on 2 different deer, and these 2 and another were on the first one shot. The third beagle heard the other dogs and went to them so we could not catch him

From left clockwise, my son Jesse, My son Colt, Jason, Big Paul, Ryan, Eric, and my oldest son Bobby gutting a doe

My uncle Jr. and his best friend Babygirl. He has been a member of the hunt club for over 50 years

From left clockwise my son Bobby, Nick, and Ryan. The doe in the middle was shot by Nick with a slug. I do not know how the eye fell out, Maybe he is a good shot

The guys down in the powerline road gutting out another one. I have a few more, so for those of you looking for your pic's, check back in a couple days.

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