Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Season End

It seems that deer season came and went so fast this year. We had many rain days that the dogs could not get a good trail going, and the snow that came in before Christmas kept everyone confined to a tree stand.
With my bad back, and other problems from my auto accident limiting me as to what I can do anymore, the weather put me out of the game more than I wanted, but as you can see, My son, and basset hound Thelma, and I managed to get in on a few drives.
This is what we do when all the others are down in the woods waiting for the dogs to run something past them.

If I do have to get out of the truck and get across a field, or drag a deer, or try to head off dogs, we just hop on the Honda 4X4

I live in an area full of history, and the place where we have hunted since I was a kid is here in Menokin

Besides the time I get with my boys, they get to hang out with their friends. I was sitting back near the wood stove and watched the guys plan a raid on the fridge back in the kitchen to get a mountain dew

I was taught early about life and death, taught how to hunt, and how to handle a gun.
To have respect for any firearm, respect for the outdoors, and respect for the people that owned the land that we hunted on.
I learned to listen to the old guy's when they told me something, and found out that they really did know more than I did
This season I started to realize that I am becoming one of those old guy's


Tracy said...

Before I had kids, I used to raise Bassets. They're such cool dogs

Sandy said...

I'm not one who "gets" hunting, or gun play, but am glad you have special time with your kids. They grow up far too fast and you wonder where the time went. Enjoy them while you can.

And remember, you're not getting older, you're getting wiser. lol

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