Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Those *%$@# Raccoons !

I have had minimal problems this year with rabbits and deer in my garden. I do live back in the woods, way off the paved road, and surrounded by corn and soybean fields. I expect some intrusion from the local wildlife, but this morning, some of them pissed me off

I had been nursing a few cantaloupes, and knew that this morning was going to be the day to enjoy them. I went out to pick them and .........

This is what I found. The raccoons had picked them last night and took them under some honeysuckle to have a feast

If you can see it, they scooped out all the flesh, and all that was left was the rhine. They took 3 melons, and I found the remains of a squash. I think it's time to take the 22 out of the cabinet. Tonight I will prepare

I will let Super Hank out of the pen tonight. He is my squirrel/deer/rabbit/attack dog. A true Hank of all trades, remover of cats from the trash cans, snake chaser, outdoor alarm system, and friend. The dog can read my mind, and knows what the target of the day is. I will give him first shot to rid me of my melon snatchers, until then, I am off to Hall's for some store bought melons


bettya.anderson said...

Super Hank! I love it! If I left super Buster out to patrol the garden he'd eat all the veggies especially the watermelon!

Big Mouth said...

We have *%$@# raccoons, too! They leave "gifts" on our deck. I can tell what fruit is in season by what they leave "behind." I haven't been able to comment through catherinesherman.wordpress.com so I am using my Big Mouth blog.