Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Little Brothers Beast

A few post's back, I told you about my brothers beast truck that he has built for the mud bogs we have around here
Well, the Ford Ranger went from this......

To this.
This past Saturday, he took it to a bog to test it out and get a feel for how it would do.
Unfortunately, the pit was not dug for speed, and it had no decent launch area in the entrance, so the hole was just for flat out digging
Here is his first attempt with 33' Super Swampers

Here with 36' TSL Swamper Boggers

And with his cut tires

He is making some modifications now, and should have all the bugs worked out before the next race this Saturday.
From what we have heard, the pit at the next event is a fast one so I hope he has some better luck next weekend

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