Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Major League

Now this is baseball to me. A sunny afternoon, my cooler with some root beer iced down, and my sons team ready to play

I would trade the best box seats behind home plate, or any seats behind the dugout of any majors game to be right there on the third base line watching my boy

One of the best parts of summer. If I could bring my grill, I would never leave, but when I do.....

We just go jump in the river.
Yeah, we know, its not summertime yet officially, but it has been warm around here
Even the dog wanted to cool off some

Happy Memorial Day


The Fearless Blog said...

Your pictures remind me of when my boys were younger. We spent our weekdays and weekends at the baseball park with them, practice, games and picnics after the games...what a great time we had, the parents and the kids. As the only female at home I have learned to adapt and follow their lead... fishing, camping, hiking, and yes baseball. Thank God we all love the outdoors, even the dog, for it is "out there" that we are most at peace. Your photos are heartwarming and clearly illustrate the importance of family and how valuable our short time on this earth actually is. Thanks for sharing.

FishHawk said...

ROOT BEER??? Oh yeah, I get it now.

Anonymous said...

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