Monday, February 22, 2010

Done With The Snow

Most of the time, when you get the kids out in the snow, you see them smiling and playing and just having a great time.
With a total of 14 days missed from school, and many of those stuck in the house because of the wind and freezing temps, I guess even a little boy can get tired of it.
I took some pics of my brother-in-law working with my 4 wheeler to push some of the mess around, and got this one of my youngest giving me the evil eye

I rigged up a mount for the blade that goes on my John Deere 110, and put a temporary winch mount to raise and lower it.
It did a pretty good job.

Down at the beach was a dull grey scene, and was very windy.
Around here we are expecting a little rain, and some highs in the 50's.
I cant wait till late March to be out there in the water looking for rock fish

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Wapatu said...

LOL I've seen that evil eye from my kids plenty of times. I think we'll all be glad to get to the end of March. Of course your cold and nasty is different than ours but even here in Florida we've had it with the cold.