Monday, March 22, 2010

Oyster Roast

Down here, we have a few fund raisers at our hunt club.
This one we helped promote breast cancer.
The main attraction was the roasted oysters. That's my boy and his friends shuckin out some.
We take the raw oysters and lay them on a grill, between two wet burlap bags and steam them until they pop open.
You then insert your knife, twist, and cut the oyster out and enjoy

We also had fried oysters, hush puppies, oyster stew, and bar-b-que.
Inside we had all the good stuff too, potato salad, cole slaw, mac-n-cheese, bean salad, and all kinds of cakes, brownies, and pies

All the members had a job to do, and we stayed busy keeping the food coming

You cant have an oyster roast without some bluegrass, so we had a tent up for the band

After we served a couple hundred folks, it was time for a break

We did have some leftovers, which made for some good sandwiches on Sunday

Poor ole' Thelma came, and helped with the clean up.
She ate so much, we had to pick her up and put her in the truck when it was time to go home


Warren said...

Everything sounds great!! (except roasting the oysters). They are better chilled on the half shell.


looks like it was a wonderful event. What's the name of the bluegrass group, please?

And that poor cute doggy...=)

T. McAlpine said...

Correct there Warren. Eat em' raw!
heehaw! What sort of meat was that on the barbie?