Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cost Of Crabs

We had our Potomac River Festival down here at the beach a couple weekends ago, that is the official kick-off of summer here for us.
It is when all the " come here's " show up and fill the streets and beaches and waterways, and hopefully the cash registers with some much needed tourist dollars
The steamed crabs are a hot seller, and are sold by the bushell and half bushell, and then spread out on the picnic tables at the majority of the rented beach houses for the weekend feast.
For this main reason, I do not get crabs on the weekend, that is, unless family comes down to hang out at the beach. I have a few friends in the business that I can call in advance and get a good price if needed, but try not to do that to often.
I passed by one of the places I get crabs from this past Sunday and saw a sign outside advertising crabs for $95.00 for a half bushell.
I also saw a lot of cars out in the lot waiting for them to come out of the cooker.
I guess if you work all year up in the city, and only get away for a couple weeks a year, $ 95 bucks is worth it for some crabs, but here it is, Tuesday morning, and I have called the same place I saw the sign just minutes ago.
One of the owners, Timmy, has just got off the water and said " yeah, come on in here about 5:30, I get you a half bushell hot for $45 "
I bet they will taste a lot better than the $95 dollar ones


Jen said...

lucky you! you got a real good deal :) just stumble upon your page! feel free to drop by my site and leave comments! take care & have a great day!! :)

jen from www.passion4food.ca

Anonymous said...

Oh you made my mouth water! I am originally from the Eastern Shore of MD, Salisbury to be exact and I really miss those Chesapeake Bay crabs!!! I am a huge fan of the Red Roost for all you can eat crabs, which I hear as gotten a little pricey too. I love your picture of all those yummy crabs too!!!