Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm from the country

I feel sorry for those that are stranded in an urban setting. I am so thankfull that my all my family were country people, and I am glad that my boys can live in a place where they are not fenced in. I fish, I hunt, and I live for the outdoors. Am I the barefoot hilbilly you might be picturing in your mind right now ? Could be, but it's what I enjoy. Today,around my house it was an awsome day. Sunny skies and not to hot. A day that you could go out and do stuff and not sweat to death. We rode the 4 wheeler around the trails, and picked some stuff from the garden. I even walked down the dirt driveway and picked a few blackberries. While walking around the yard, I noticed it's time to cut the grass. I'm pretty good at keeping the grass cut, not like most who could lose the mower in the weeds. I think tomorrow after I cut the grass, I will try to get out and catch some fish, and pull some of the cucumbers out of the garden for dinner. Untill next time...

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