Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stormy day

Stormy weather today where I live, so no fishing. Oh well, at least there is a good race today, or so I thought. Tire problems killed the race today. It had to be run under several cautions and slowed the race to a crawl, in my opinion. The drivers did not run hard at all, and this is a "roll the dice" kind of race. I have seen the race run to extremes before, but today it seemed that everyone was driving with their fingers crossed. If nothing else, it was a good time to tie some trot lines. If you don't know what they are, they are used to to fish multiple baits at once. I use 300' sections, weighted at the ends, with a float about 6' from the weight. I tie chicken necks about every 6' to 8' feet, because I crab . They can be used for catfishing, but I would rather reel one of those in with my pole. I have not had a chance to go crabbing all season, but with the weather, rain, and cooler water temps, the crabs around here have not started to hit yet. Many of the commercial guys I talk to think the crabbing will not get good until mid August. My 300' of trot line can get me about a bushell and a half in about an hour, but many of my friends that have started crabbing tell me that 2 or 3 hours of work is only bringing in about half a bushel. I say, hurry up August ! My lines are ready and baited, and in the freezer. When I am ready for them, I will pull them out the day before and drop them in an empty cooler to thaw.

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