Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm so NOT sorry !

Uh-oh! I didn't mean to offend ! Really ! Well, maybe I did. But I will not be ashamed because I like big muddy trucks. I will not be ashamed because I am barefoot. I will not be ashamed that I hunt and fish. I say this right up front because someone in one of my groups at a networking site I belong to told me to " come out of the woods, we have food stores now ". I know we have food stores. I go to Wall-Mart on a regular basis to get my freezer bags to put my game and fish in to store in the freezer. I was also told that " participating in a useless sport like mudboggin is a waste of resources and destructive to the earth ". I quickly removed them from my friends list, and decided not to leave them any type of response. I am proud of who I am, and proud of my boy's, who hunt and fish and love the mud just as much as me. That being said, Sunday is approaching. I have decided to do some fishing on the beach. I have between 5 and 500 rod and reel combo's because where I live I can saltwater and freshwater fish. I am planning on saltwater fishing. I have 4 poles, 8' heavy action with some 808 Zebco reels on them ready to go. I strung them fresh this year with 30lbs test, and tied them with new swivels and Carolina rigs. In case you do not know what that type of rig is, it's basically a swivel attached to about 3 feet of wire, and a swivel at the bottom for the weight. It generally has 2, and sometimes 3 connection points to attach your leader and hook. I am using this rig because the water temp here is about 72 degrees, and I want to fish the bottom. I am going after some spot and some hardheads. If you don't know what they are, read tomorrow and I will post picks. Have a great Sunday, and GET OUTSIDE !!!

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