Monday, October 5, 2009

In The Woods

My boys and I decided to do some squirrel hunting this past Saturday.
What this means to us is ride the trails where we deer hunt, clear away the brush and fallen branches, and maybe take a shot or two if the dogs get a good chase going.

We look around for scrapes, and deer trails and check for tracks

And sit back and enjoy the outdoors

After some scouting, and following some rub lines, we find some choice spots to attach our tree stands.

Black powder season starts in a few more weeks, so with our stands up and trails cleaned out, we enjoy the 4-wheeler paths for the last time until we are ready to hunt
All this week, the surrounding fields will have the corn harvested and with the cooler temps, and the full moon, Rut should be in full swing


Dorothy L said...

What a fun story. I love your layout and choice of colors by the way :)

Bev said...

If only all kids could grow up like this...outdoors, sharpening their senses and enjoying nature.