Monday, October 26, 2009

Sad Sad

Here are the leftovers from our last crab feast of the season.
A sad day.
We have had some frost, and the water temps are dropping, and for the recreational crabber, you can't catch enough in the 2 pots and the short line you are allowed to use to make a good meal now, so it is time to wash it all down and put it up for the winter.
Bow season is in now, and black powder comes in on the 31st, so I will be in my stand Saturday morning.
Later in the week, I will post about my new 50 caliber black powder rifle, so check back in a couple days.
as for now, I did pick some of the leftover crab meat, so It is crab cake time : )


Tracy said...

I've never caught crab before it looks fun.

Anonymous said...

What is even sadder, at least for me, is that I developed an allergy to crabs when I was about 47.

I loved eating crabs, but no longer can.

N said...

I love them. My friends and I used to catch them when I was still in NC. I miss it a lot.