Monday, October 19, 2009

The Tree

My brothers and my two sons tackled a red oak the other day at a neighbors house. It was dead, and was close to falling across her shed and clothesline.

My brother Karl put his spikes on and walked up the tree and took out some of the lower branches

The tree was so rotten in the top, he could not get to far, so we had to rope it off and notch it. We tied it off to his F-350 Ford to persuade the tree to come down where we wanted

A shed on one side, and a basketball court/picnic area on the other

It came down right where we needed.

The base of the tree where we made the notch to bring it down was about 35"

My brother took home about 3 cords of firewood, and I took my other brother a truckload for his smoker and fire pit, and I was still able to go back and get a full truckload to take to my house
This was our good deed for the month, to help a lady that we grew up with. Out of all the kids that used to run around our little neighborhood, I think my brothers and I are all that are left that ever come back


Jan said...

What a huge job. And done so professionally. Well done. It's a shame when a tree dies, but a good thing to remove it before it did a lot of damage.

Buggys said...

What a kind thing you all did. I'm sure she was very thankful.

Tracy said...

Gee I'm impressed; I'd be way too big a coward to go up that high to start cutting!