Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Drowning Some Worms

It's never a bad day when you get to fish, or hang out at the beach and swim. We combine both, and had a great afternoon. There was an east wind, and as superstition has it, the fish will not bite. We did manage to get a few spot and hardhead. I let the boys pull in some small ones, and then they went swimming.

I wadded out a little to get past the rocks, but did not catch anything worth keeping

I gave up after a while because my back started to hurt. I was content to watch the boys swim for a while

If you have read my profile, you know that I had been in a rear end accident back in May, and with the back pain, and nerve damage to my neck and hands, I cant do to much anymore. Thursday the 14, is doctor day. We are hoping that they find a way to fix me. This pic is what it looks like when a chevy car hits a Ranger pickup at a stoplight. He admitted to be going 55 in a 45 when he hit me. I am glad my foot was on the brake.


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