Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gephyrophobia ??

Everyone has fears. Little things that make your skin crawl, cover your eyes, and run screaming. But sometimes you cannot get away from the " impending doom " that lies before you, and you either face it head on, or enter the fetal position. The word gephyrophobia is the scientific word for fear of bridges, and my significant other suffers from this affliction. That being said, I had a Doctors appointment today, and to get there, we had to cross this bridge. I have been across it many times before, but she has only been across a few. As we approach, you can see her slide down into the seat a little at a time. It is not the height of the bridge, or the feeling of a swaying motion she thinks she feels. It is the fact that it is only a 2 lane bridge with only concrete barriers protecting you from going into the water. A single vehicle crossing this bridge is fine, but this is a heavily traveled road with many big trucks coming from the opposite direction. Not only are they very close when they pass, but the wind they produce as they go by will shake our car violently. This is the root of her fear, I believe, and the cause of her sitting in the floorboard. It's not the fact that I enjoy her phobia, or feel the need to make fun of it, but it does amuse me when we finally cross over and she regains her composure, and then hits my arm and says "shut up" before I say a word.

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